SEO Service Starter Package

$400.00 $299.99

With Professional SEO Package for your site, your site will rise to the top of the Search Engines!



With our Professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Consultancy Services, we make your esteemed customers’ sites in the top rankings in the Search Engines by taking them to the top rankings in the Search Engines, making you your customer and promotion and your site takes the top rankings in search engines.

Thanks to our package, your site will increase in search engines such as Google, Yandex, Bing; products, services, brands, customers, such as increasing the potential to provide the highest quality service.

We have specified the transactions in our service below for you, we complete all your transactions for your site by applying a certain plan and algorithm to your site.

Package contents;

– 5 pieces of the site with the introduction of the blog site advertising to blog readers are doing.
– With 10 News Site Promotion, we promote your site with quality link flow.
– 5 pieces of WordPress Site Presentation service with different ways of your site we provide link flow.
– With the introduction of 5 Facebook Pages, we carry out the link flow over Facebook, which is one of the biggest sites in the world, and your advertising and promotion to more than +35.000 people.
– Introducing Twitter Promotion in one of the world’s largest sites
– Tumblr Introducing quality link flow and advertising
– Forum Introduction Forum Backlink PR9
– 1.500 Quality Backlink Service
– 100 Pinging Services
– 500 Global Traffic Services to Your Site
– 250 Search Engine Registration
– Google Backlink
– Google Index
– Facebook Backlink
– Twitter Backlink
– WordPress Backlink
– Blogger Backlink
– Alexa Value Rise
– Quality and Secure Link Entry – Exit Process
– DoFollow and NoFollow Links
– Indexing
– Quality Report
– 100% Secure Connections


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