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20 Backlink from the World’s Highest PA-DA Sites



What is PA and DA?

Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) Known as page authority and domain authority, Google has removed PR values ​​3 years ago. Now the values ​​of the sites are measured with PA and DA values, these values ​​are determined according to many properties of the sites (Contents, Links, spam values, etc.) DA and PA can be at least 1 to 100 Value 30 -40 PA and DA are very good values is perceived as.

Additions are done by 100% manually.

High quality are 100% Google friendly sites.

The links received are the most popular Google sites in the world that are considered authoritative for Google. Links Web 2.0 profile, keyword, promotional article, etc. mixed.

Features: Sites rank in the world’s best sites and have very low Alexa values ​​with the strongest PA DA values.

Benefits for Your Site

Links are permanent. You pay only once.
Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, especially in many search engines to increase the ranking of your website.
Alexa also raises your ranking.
It greatly contributes to the increase of your DA and PA values.
It increases the availability of your website and increases the number of visitors to your site.
More visitors return to you as customers and more business.
Supports your site with new algorithms and updates.

Links are mixed. Some with the main page, some with sub-pages, some with keywords. Some are dofollow, some are nofollow. All of the sites are the most popular sites in the world.

Note: After applying our work and performing the necessary tests before we offer you, We do not sell any unsuccessful work here.


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